Day 7

End of the month of March and also a week since the official lockdown. This routine is sinking in deep now. Around the world, things are getting out of hand with the many things going wrong, haywire and chaotic. In a way it is eerie.

Anyway, shit creek aside – the good thing is that the wheels are still turning. The sun still rises in the east and the warmth of summer is getting real. Along with some of the mosquitoes finding their way inside the house. The day goes on and about with the meetings and regular shing-a-ding of a regular working day.

Managed to catch up with this movie called – Enna noki paayum thotta – and loved it. The story outline , attention to detail and the deep romance between 2 people was raw, deep and true. The director – Gautam Menon is a storyteller and a master at it. I was surprised to see negative reviews of the movie, but to understand the depth of the movie requires some level of patience and insight.

As darkness enveloped the last day of the month, I was out walking. A habitual indulgence, it seemed good to be regular at it. Another 14 days to go before I can comment if i will be a regular at this, but something is better than not doing any workout.

24 hours poof. Just like that. Time is in its own warp. There is a lot of things happening around us – no doubt and the idea through it all is not to be bogged down but to keep a cool head and a hot ass – always .

Cheers to April !

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