Day 5

Sunday morning ! Supposedly the day of rest, but having been doing that for a week now I had to step out today. I needed some essentials and groceries and with new curfew rules in effect from today, I had to get out soon.

The roads were fairly empty and I was able to get my required groceries soon. A quick call to the regular chicken guy ensured I would have my stock of meat for the week. Things looked dandy so far.

There was something new about today. Church ! Though unable to go physically to church, it was being streamed live ( of sorts) at the regular time so it didn’t feel like i missed out.

There was another new thing about today! Zomato and Yaa mohideen ! Apparently with all the new curfew rules, take away from restaurants were allowed. And so was food delivery apps till 2pm. This was great news and in a short while I was feasting on a happiness plate of mutton biriyani. After 2 odd weeks of shutdown, this felt awesome.

Tummy full, and with a big packet of tea bags at home, Sunday felt complete.

The day progressed pretty well with multiple movies on Prime. Sometimes it’s nice to watch an ad-free movie but I’m sure I’m going to get bored of it quite soon.

I spent a good bit of last night reading up about an Apple Watch and the need for a wearable. I wanted something that could record my walking but not leave a hole in my wallet.

Experimented with the #fitbit app today and I’m quite convinced of not needing an expensive device such as the Apple Watch.

At the end of the day, today was an interesting day. The quarantine journey continues and tomorrow is back to the laptop, status emails and multiple conference calls.

Cheerio !

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