Day 4

Good morning, again. It was Saturday, which meant one less activity- I didn’t have to log on to the regular 11 am call. This also meant a few more minutes to curl up in bed.

Saturdays used to be a busy day. Hustling either at Pudupet or waking up really early to ride out with the boys or complete a list of to-do’s before I meet up with my precious daughter and spend the evening with her, but this Saturday was as quiet as a church mouse. Absolutely nothing on the to-do list, all shops closed in Pudupet and all the malls shut.

I am getting used to the lockdown now. Sort of in acceptance of quarantine, rules and the plain stark vanilla life that is ahead of me. Today is the second Saturday of the lockdown for me and life has definitely slowed down.

The afternoon sun with plenty of sea breeze moved the hands of time towards sunset. With a nice lunch of my favourite rice and chicken and a full stomach, i was all set for the evening. Not that the calendar was any better, but the daily walk promised the cool breeze on my face.

It was the 3rd day of religiously following the walking schedule and I loved it. I’m sure my ticker is feeing happy about it too. One thing running on my mind a finding a wearable to track my activity, sleep and all the nifty things I had no fucking time for. Either these are important or I’m just fantasised about new toys. Will have to give it a thought though.

Anyway.. day 4 is rolling to a close. It’s been a good day so far. Called the chicken guy and he said he’s getting stock tomorrow, which meant good news for the stomach and happiness for the mind. I do need to step out sometime though, running out of tea bags. There’s 18 more days to figure it out.

Also, the nearby restaurant is making chicken biriyani tomorrow. Sweet dreams tonight for sure.

Cheerio ! Party your Saturday away.

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