Day 3

The lights came on at about 10ish AM.. a few minutes before the calls and the action started off. It was Friday, but didn’t feel like one. Good morning Day 3.

Friday’s used to be that one day where it was a huge sigh of relief thinking of the weekend ahead, but this one was just another day. Just another one of them sunrises like every other single day. It felt empty and hollow.

There used to be a time where I used to comment 24 hours was not enough and now I’m trying to find ways to account for the hours I have at hand. Life can be surprising like that. To wake up one day and hear that the entire globe has been shutdown because of a virus.

In many ways, I am taken back to the ID4 movie where an entire alien attack was stopped due to a “cold”(virus). That is exactly what is happening now. The world is in so much of chaos and what not and everyone is uncertain of tomorrow.

Being quiet also gives time for a lot of introspection. Today was all about looking inwards at what I’ve done and what I shouldn’t have. Well. Gotta move on and keep looking forward is all we can do and so silently wish for a miracle.

So that’s what happens when there’s a lot of time on one’s hand. The mind starts playing tricks, the brain cells starts churning thoughts hidden in the shadows and lets your conscience prick you. Precisely why I needed to be back on the roads. Having ample time also saw me walking – a habit I’m trying to cultivate for my betterment. With 18 days to go, I’m guessing I will see some results at the end of it.

Day 3 is lights off in a few minutes. Will be interesting to see what Day 4 holds. It is a non-working day ! Like it makes any difference 🙂

Stay safe. Alive . Kicking .

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