The lockdown

Just survived the first day of the official curfew and man o man, the feeling is intense. It has been basically staring at 4 walls and also at some movies.

Amazon prime needs to up their game. Come on man, for fucks sake add some newer ones so I don’t have to start my computer and download it from that awesome site to watch.

Anyway, rants apart, it has been 4 days since I’ve been between these 4 walls and I’ve realised that this is not my cuppa tea. Being so used to the outside, the people, the breeze, the fucking color of the skies, and now seeing the white of the walls and the brown of the fan is stealing my sanity by the day.

I was supposed to have stopped ranting. But I think it’s not going to stop, so let’s just jump straight to the reality shit boat we are in.

Stepping out is suicide, sitting in is madness, the shops are closed, fuel bunks are open, but the cops are manning the highways. As Beegees sang – Stayin Alive way back in the day, I guess it is for the best of humanity that we follow protocol.

In all of this, it is also important to say a small word of prayer as one does not know what the future holds. Here today, gone tomorrow could be the thing for most of us, but by saying a word of prayer and listening to a whole load of beegees, things can actually turn out right.

Anyway.. it’s been a new experience and a good one so far. Yes, the rants is there, but it’s part of the whole cycle.

Stay safe folks ! There’s nothing more important in this world except your breath and your health.


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