Trashy tuesday

What a fucking bluesy day ! I have a wave of emotions in me right now – ranging from anger to frustration and utmost disgust. The only thing is, i don’t know what the fuck i am angry about. Woke up so sleepy that I wanted to get back to bed. The drive to work was thankfully alright and then when hunger knocked on my tummy doors, the trusty food card from the fuckall bank decided to play spoilsport. Something about a PIN needed to be set and when I got that done, the whole thing declined to work. That and other things that I do not want to write about. In short, it feels the engine upstairs did not start this morning and the result is this. Me and my bitter rambling.
The good side is that I did mange to get food into my stomach, but none of that chicken helped change my mindset or even get my head to wake up. The Black Keys are screaming in my ears – but no respite. Fuck !
This day did not fare well at the hip. Not surprised the way the rest of the day is feeling like. It is close to 8pm and I am still in limbo.
The To-do list is ever climbing and I have not found the time to finish things.

Argh ! What a fucking pathetic waste of today.

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