What a supreme fuck up

It is one’s earnest desire to start the day, especially the first working day of a new year in peace, harmony, ease of mind and all that jazz. Little did I know that 4 bloody digits could ruin all of that.

Let me start off by saying that Aspira rum is totally crappy. Nothing beats Bacardi in the rum business, but living on the highway and with access to ONE fucking tasmac shop does not give one much options.

Anyway, after getting a good night’s rest, I wake up in the morning to a brilliant message on my work iPhone, asking me to enter the passcode. Easy peasy – I enter it only to see a message saying – iPhone has been disabled for 1 minute. WTF. Not this early in the morning. It was about 8ish in the morning and not the kind of waking up I wanted.

Calls with Apple support did not really help either. The iTunes I had installed was not working as expected too. It kept throwing errors like cheese on a fucking dipstick.

Anyway, after I was cocksure of the passcode and keying it in multiple times – I was down to the message – iPhone is disabled for 1 hour.  It was 2 hours past my waking time and I had already skipped an office call. Definitely not the way to start the day.

Moving on further, I reach office with a disabled phone ( and the clock ticking) and soon after, my colleague and I were at the service center. Apparently the service center guys have not heard of such an issue and asked me if I was sure that I was keying in the right passcode.

Still super sure of what I was doing, the service center guys were getting ready to flash the device. Another colleague at work told me the feature of “erase device after 10 attempts” was actually useful. So sitting on the iPhone X I was trying to open the device when I was greeted with the same error message – 2 failed attempts.

Now, shit hitting the fan can happen once. Not twice. It was crystal clear I was doing something ass-wise. I tried keying in the passcode for the “other phone” and it worked. The iPhoneX opened with the so called passcode of the iPhone8.

Realization hit, 911 called and it was all deck on hands asking the guys to stop fucking my phone, I mean flashing my phone. How could I have been this super confused. After all, it was only 2 phones, and 2 passcodes. That rum had to be the culprit !! Bloody hell..

The service guys had just started their work, so it was easier to get this started. One small hurdle – after restarting the phone, the timer sets again.. So have to wait for 1 hour before I can try to key in the right passcode for 1 last time.  IF that failed – then it is sayonara iPhone8.

Well.. Just when the timer said iPhone disabled – wait for 5 minutes, I noticed that the SIM card is missing !! Quick call to the service center confirmed that they had it with them !! How much more am I going to bear for one day ??

The moment came, I keyed in the RIGHT passcode and the phone opened up like it was Monday morning. That electronic piece of a device had me at my wits end, my blood pressure surging and my nerves on the edge… and it just didn’t matter.

With 20 minutes to go before I start my phone calls, it was time to play fast and furious. A quick drive to the service center saw the phone and the SIM happily married to each other ! The phone lit up, opened up and functioned like it was always functioning well.

A supreme fuck-up on the first working day of the year seems hilariously amusing now. But through it all, it was an orgasm of swear words and curses up in my head.

Looks like my adventures for 2020 has already started.  Cheers to more. But no more Aspira rum !!



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