The Friday of 2019

Sitting in the quiet of the day with the rum working its way through my veins and The black keys pounding in my ears, I am smiling at the last Friday of this year. Friday is akin the yaaay day of the week, where the supposed chores are few and sleep is the main agenda. Does that happen, like ever ?

Well, this Friday it might.. With this year wrapping up in a couple more days, I guess a lot of the empty chairs I see at work are the folks who are chilling, snoring, drinking and what not. Me on the other hand, am nursing last night’s session of drinking with some much needed water.

The outside sky is hazy, the day feels lazy, sleep is at arm’s length, but no buddy – that luxury is not for today. Ironic as it is, it feels good to be in this space.

Am I comfortably numb yet ? Don’t think so. In 20 odd minutes, I am to anchor a call ! God save me.

It has been a brilliant year thus far. There is the often bankruptcy that keeps happening, but well, the memories keep adding on. Been to places I’ve never thought I will set foot in, but it happened. Ate a ton load of food, collected a huge ass load of memories and cemented so many relationships that will last a lifetime.

The day is definitely crawling and coffee is definitely on the menu in a bit. The buzz from the rum is still ringing.

To the others who are chilling, lime away. To the working heroes – cheers !

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