The summer of Madras

And it has begun. The summer that we dread so much. Every year I remember saying it is a really hot summer and this year is also the same, though this year I think it is going to be even more hotter than the other years.

It has not stopped us from riding.. but maybe this year we might have to check the skies. But then again, with a fast bike, it might be fun to get out there and feel the heat and then relax in the evening.

The regular breakfast rides are something that is keeping the sanity levels at check. KTMC’s anniversary is coming up, so that will be something good to get out to.

The next week is also a long weekend, so maybe one can steal some time and miles and see some places. Though any spot might be devoid of any greenery, it might be nice to sit down with a pint to share some laughs and create some memories.

Memories- isn’t that what all of us live to make? Maybe it is just me but I love every minute of it.

At times, I look back at some of the memories created a decade ago and feel good to have done what I had to do at that time.. but then there are the negative memories too.

As summer starts to heat up the highways, it is time to wear mesh and enjoy all the way.


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