Sidewall horrors

It was just another Saturday afternoon and I was busy getting my errands sorted. All was supposed to be nice and dandy until couple of things crept up.

One was the “check engine” light in Avril which shouldn’t have come up because she got her new air sensor and she was all dolled up to keep going that way. The other was a burst tire after the sidewall met the pavement edge.

Unfortunate is putting it mildly. Seeing that light come up was not impressive at all. I spent a fortune getting Avril her goodies this time and I was not ready for another line of error codes on the monitor.

The guy that I am, we went straight to Ignite and connected the OBD tool to check what was the error code.

Same fucking P001 and CN something. How in the hell now ? She had a new sensor, a cleaned air filter and a brand new battery that was 15 kms old ! Come on , Avril !

Ib, one of the brightest spanner’s in the box suggested the #dieseltronic box could be the culprit. It has run about 20+k kms and all of a sudden had started acting up. Apparently this issue crept up on another vehicle too.

So driving back into town through traffic and stock Fiat ecu, I was surprised that I had some time before meeting Z.

Greams road is a small road with a lot of shops that have some good stuff. Some of them include kebabs and perfumes, both which are exotic.

Finding parking is another story altogether though. Not wanting to pull over in front of the police station, I went on further.. saw the post office and pulled into the pavement as much as I could.

I must have been creeping at 5kmph when i realised I was too close to the pavement and it felt I went over a stone.

Immediately pulling bag, I seemed to have attracted the attention of passersby and also of the chai shop vendor in front.

Something was terribly wrong, I could feel it.

Getting out of the car, I could not fucking believe my eyes. The front left tire- punctured and lying there. So basically, there had been a tire burst where the sidewall had given up and the tire was wasted.

But how ? I wasn’t going fast, I didn’t hit a nail.

Looking around, I noticed the edge of the pavement. It was sharp, but come on, sharp enough to tear rubber ? No !

The scene was bad. I had 45 minutes to meet Z and I was not going to keep her waiting.

Tyrestore was 100 m away and despite everyone pointing to me that the tire was flat, I drove the 100m to the shop.

Met Deepak’s dad who had a very sorry expression and then Deepak himself who shook his head and said – boss , it is fucked !

This was not good news. So, i definitely needed a new tire. It was going to cost me, a lot and then I needed to come one of the weekdays to get it done. Both of which are so uggh !!!

Time was ticking, I needed to figure out my next step. Thoroughly pissed at myself, Avril got her spare tire on the front and we were off. The fucked tire is at the shop and in a couple days should see light of day.

Maybe it happened for a reason. But just feeling bummed about it. As I said, the hassle of convenience and finance is disturbing and is not easy to come into terms that I crashed a tire at 5kmph.

On the other hand, praise God that tirestore was just around the corner and he was able to mobilise a new tire immediately.

God has and is with me. Sometimes I’m just humanly upset about something’s, especially when it about Avril or Irene.

With Avril running on stock maps, it feels good. Maybe the dieseltronic box lost its charm ?

Time will tell how things go..

More updates later. Cheers

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