Big biking commune

What an interesting event! It was like having awesome dessert while the starters and the main course of a meal sucked.

But, amidst all that, I had one of the best weekends of my life. Got to see #Thaikkudambridge play, made so many new friends, saw stars at midnight, had dinners for 3 hours starting 1 am and all the way to 4 am, endless chatter, litres of booze and a heart full of happiness.

I will do a longer write up about this in a bit. I think, with the right attitude and the right smile, anyone can make a desert seem like heaven and that is what the crazy bunch of us did. We turned a fuckall event into a weekend of fun, memories and awesomeness.

I thoroughly enjoyed so many things in the last 3 days. Irene missed it because I was too lazy to come back home and pick her up, but I guess once she and I are back on the roads, we will enjoy a lot more.

Life is but a few memories and I was glad to be part of this one. I wish I could slow things down, but my warp is all but a fleeting moment, may it be a smile or a skip of that ticker.

Time to get Irene back on the roads. She and I have to talk.

Forever, Mustang !

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