In the beginning

It always brings back memories and these memories always help understand your roots and how God has shaped your life one step to another.

Such was my experience this time.

The family name of my maternal grandfather and from where starts my journey of life and memories.

My visits to this “tharavadu” or family house when young was rather very rare. But the couple of times I had visited, I have had fond memories of playing around in the open, seeing my Mum’s family , some of her aunts and uncles and my great grandmother as well.

And then as life took over, the visits stopped. My time was spent elsewhere. But in the last 8 years or so, I have been here quite often.

Most part of what I remember is still there and has a modern touch now thanks to an aunt who has done a fabulous job restoring it.

I still love the quietness of the place, the large portico, the greenery and the location of it.

Most people still choose walking over automobiles, so it is relatively pollution free compared to the urban jungles we live in.

All in all, a good weekend spent and lots of memories collected.


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