Ah, déjà vu

It was a trip down memory lane driving this beast. Back in the day of mrao days, it was pure joy driving around a truck and plowing through traffic.

This was the first time I drove the Scorpio from the Mahindra stable. The car has clocked quite a bit of mileage- 193000 kms which is a lot. The clutch, the gear shift and the steering also showed its age, however, it had been maintained well..

The desire to maybe look at automobiles from the Mahindra stable stopped. I was comparing it to the 1.3 MJD in terms of driveability, comfort and the most important – fit and finish. The Europeans are way ahead in that game.

Indian manufactures though however brilliant they position a automobile, they end up cutting short of certain basic comforts. All in the name of – mileage.

Leaving all that jazz, it was super delux pleasure just being able to get behind the wheel of the mighty Scorpio the last couple days. For the terrain in Kerala, these trucks are zimbly auesome !!


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