All in a november and december

It is the start of a new day and a new work week. The days are slipping by so quickly and in a few days, we will all be wishing each other a very happy 2019.

So many things have happened since I last wrote about NERM and the enjoyment experienced in the northeast.

Birdie made way to #irene after being with me for over 13 years. It was time to let her go. Neither was I doing justice in riding her nor was I fueling my dreams of crunching miles in the least time possible. With the kind of roads there are now, it becomes more of a necessity than a desire to ride a fast motorcycle and the launch of the #twins from #RE was in good timing.

Irene is the #interceptor, a 650cc twin cylinder engine that is touted to be the most affordable twin in the country coupled with a solid build, stellar performance and sexy road presence. Having seen her in the flesh, she is a stunner, no doubt about that. How she will perform and how I will become accustomed to her after 13 years of #birdie lighting my life and the roads is something time will tell.

I also found out that my CPU has a DVI output which I was able to get a DVI-HDMI cable and plug into the HDMI port of my computer monitor. Frankly, I really did not see much of a difference in the whole exercise, but it was some kind of reward to be able to understand and tinker with the computer, an area that I had not touched before.

There are still so many things to do, but with so little time to execute all of them. But that is what keeps me ticking. The fact of having to do so much while i am still able to do them.

We are at mid december already ! In another 10 odd days, the year is going to close.

Time to get to finishing those things !

cheers.. more later

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