Gotta slow down

Been running a crazy schedule the last couple of weeks and my tick tock is reminding me to slow down. It’s not a good thing to be running this fast at 5500rpm all day long for all week on loop.

Time to take it easy and cool down. Sitting in a bus travelling to blore to party, it’s funny how I’m introspecting things, but well, at least I’m doing it.

Was such a joy meeting the little one today. Time will tell how much I love her and she would know how to reciprocate. Till then I remain the father who is reaching out with my hands outstretched.

Time my friend is neither slow nor does it wait for anyone. I’m learning it and constantly in the knowledge of it.

So many things to do, so little time ..

So many things to do, so many roads to ride

So many things to do, so many sights to see

So many things to do, stay alive , my friend !!

The winds of change bloweth

The tides of destiny draweth

The reigns of fate crawleth

The light shineth !

Signing off for now.. have to slow down buddy !


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