Data – the new oxygen

The mobile network crashed for about 5 hours today.. in those 5 hours, normalcy seemed dead ! It is not about the air we breathe these days, but it has become the data we consume on our devices that seems to set the oxygen of the day.

Being someone who loves being connected on the grid and being able to communicate to the rest of the world through beeps and pings, the absence of data is like being devoid of light. I was very surprised to find myself exuberant the minute my phone was orgasming in multiple alerts and notifications the minute the phone latched on to the network.

Catching up with the kazillion notifications, the messages, the pleasantries was like water to the parched soul!

All very surprising traits, but this is what the new digital age is all about. Being connected on the grid, being able to communicate and having information on one’s fingertips has become the order of the day.

With a stable network now and a lot of messages to go through, I can only but smile thinking of how I am reacting to the situation.


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