Happy birthday, Zoe

And like that, she turns seven !

I still remember the time I carried her in my arms, shuffling from room to ICU as her mother recovered from the delivery.

How time flies! Today, she jumps and walks about and talks a million words a minute. In my complicated journey, I meet her often, but not as often as I would like, but then again, where there is complications, so are sacrifices.

As the sun shines brightly this day of 2018, I pray God continues to bless, lead and guide her as an eternal father would. Her name means “the gift of life” and I am truly blessed to be her earthly father, though, at times, I could have been a better one. But we all have our pitfalls, so rather than focusing on that, I would like to channel my path in providing as much as i can for her.

So, here’s a very happy birthday to my blessed Zoe.
May you be ever smiling, ever cheerful
May the Lord bless your steps, guide your path
May you be content, peaceful and joyful

I love you, my precious !

Forever, your father !


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