21 years

Time flies, especially when it comes to memories and how they linger in your heart, mind and soul. I remember being at this junction last year at how 2 decades just went by so fast and here i am, again!
I’m curious – Does time travel faster when you grow older or is it that we get so occupied with so many things that we do not notice the creep. Interesting question for a Monday morning !!

21 years now, but it still feels like yesterday. Her memories lingering in my mind, my childish eyes watching her lifeless body, the stillness in her face, the calmness that surrounded her, while my granddad and grandmom grieved her loss with so much pain in their heart, yet being very strong for me.

I was young to comprehend the loss, as most of the while I had my grandparents be there for me but eventually, in time I started to feel the void.

A mother’s love is a mother’s love. One cannot comprehend the breadth and depth of how much she would do to protect and care for her child. I saw a sample of that in my life for the few years I lived with my mother. There are times I feel terrible that I was not prudent enough to take care of her or appreciate her a son should but those were lessons to make me understand that a mother is a precious person in one’s life and never to be taken for granted.

Another year goes on by, but the memories and sacrifices you did for all those years are still so precious and fresh in my mind.

I love you, Mum


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