Money management

This is probably an age-old topic, nonetheless, it is a valuable lesson that one learns at every phase of life. Having been through a few crunches myself, I can resonate with what my grandfather told me ages ago. Never spend more than what you earn. He mentioned this line the day I got my first credit card and was beaming in joy and happiness.
About 14 years later, I stand by what the man said. Never spend more than what you earn/receive.

Delving deeper into how society has changed over the course of the last two decades, it is interesting to know how the spending pattern has changed so much from what it was, to what it is.

Sometimes one can blame it on lifestyle and needs and wants, but deep inside it is all about priorities that one has. Time is a good teacher and as long as one is ready to learn, then it’s all in good light.

The next time you want to swipe your card on something that seems expensive, ask yourself quick – do you need it ? Can you use cash instead of card for this transaction. See how you respond to those questions and you’ll soon see how life as you know it will become less burdened and easier to manage.

Cheers, D

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