Moving channels

So, after these many months of putting up with the so called #1 network, Jio, I am moving ship to another so-called #1 network, Airtel.

I think it was about time I did it for the simple reason of wanting peace of mind and availability of signal.

While #Jio is a great service provider, with the promise of technology, speed, data and monitory benefits, the simple fact that when something is given free, everyone just wants to lap it up to the fullest, thereby draining the #bandwidth off it all is pretty much frustrating.

Even after multiple service requests, Jio has failed to address them and it has come to this.

I did have a good relationship with #Airtel in the past and hopefully this one will be a hassle free time as well.

Here’s to good times ahead!

Motorcycle – Life – Ride on !

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