And it started ! Today ! At a quarter to 10, in my room, in my sweet spot where my laptop and most of my “adult” education was at, the first hammer strike connected to the brick of yesteryear’s, bringing down the memories of a lifetime in a pendular stroke of motion!

10 Trust square as I know is going down and in about 10 days, the hard sweat, blood and labour of my grandfather’s toil will be razed to the ground. Those bricks date back to the 60’s when life was hep and the memories were all in the making.

I don’t think I really let myself be vulnerable to the emotion that went on in my heart then as it is now. I was too tied up with the number of people around me and arranging things that even the slightest remorse had to be swept away.

It started with a small pooja, a mark of respect and prayer and with that the demolition work commenced. The journey that trust square and I have had is a lifetimes worth of stories which I shall save it for the beer and that emotional day.

Here she lies, broken and being broken as we speak. There are so many things I will remember of that passageway and the way it has shaped my life over the years.

But I guess as we go through the ladders of life, we have to accept change and accept the way how something’s are like the Phoenix bird !

More updates later


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