MK – The healer

There is a certain serenity when Mark Knopfler is plugged into your ears. The pulsing chords and carefully chosen words resonate with such harmony that soothes your soul like no other. Such is my Thursday, thus far ! Riddled with multiple thoughts, most of them worrysome, MK is the perfect recipe for the troubled soul.
Half day done, i still have the devil to deal with, but this will keep me going for a while i presume. It has proved to be effective in the past, and I am sure this time will not be any different.

My rotors need to spin in the right direction considering the line up of calls i have for the rest of the evening. We will get there i guess ! One minute at a time.

Sometimes, the urge to write lyrics is so strong, but then getting caught up in the day to day rush of madness, those few lines of melody gets lost.

More MK, more peace ! Cheers to you and beers for me !


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