You know, there are those times when you want to write, scream literally, but then you dont do it. Not that i am saying that i want to bitch about things all the time, but even in times of joy or some kind of excitement in life.
Its the month of September. Already! It is surprising how time flies and you wonder where the fuck making memories disappeared off to. The way things are going right about now, thinking about executing a plan seems like next to impossible.

My little girl is going to turn 7 ! Seven years ! That is how fast time is flying. But in a way, it is nice. It is said that " Time moveth without warning when there is progress" and I believe in that. It is good to progress in life and if that means to lose track of time and all bearings of it, I dont think I am going to complain about it.

Reminds me of Megadeth’s song – Time. The lyrics sometimes are haunting, but i think i have moved on from where i was !

The link is : https://youtu.be/8dK6vb5-Pac

Enjoy your journey

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