Bent to vent !

It has been on my head a while… and every month it stares right at your face. I used to be a regular at complete payments and then one fine month, i had ended up swiping more than i can pay and then the headache started!

It can be so fucking frustrating! So insanely depressing and only makes my granddad’s words resound in my ears… never spend more than what you earn !

What a fucking miserable way to be reminded about it. And now the bill is a big bitch that i need to deal with. In time, i guess!

It does get the best of me at times, but I have to deal with it. There is no other way to it, is there?
There were plenty a discussion around multiple negotiations and settlements that went dry that led to the whole dire straits situation. Maybe there is a time for things to happen and i just have to wait, but the whole journey is frustrating.

It is not that i did not have my share of lessons. I have learnt to manage expenses better, prioritize purchases and utilize what i have, which are valuable life lessons, but somedays it is when patience and itchy fingers hit the fan and you’re wondering what the fuck went wrong !
Motorcycle – Life – Ride on !

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