Varun memorial 2018

The rain ride happened!! And the wetness thereof was thankfully only for a short duration. Riding in wet shoes is not exactly nice.

Waking up at 5 ish in the morning, it was surprising that the mild drizzle had not stopped. The temptation to get back into the cozy covers was high, but at the same time did not want to miss the ride. A cold water shower later, birdie and I were riding towards motel highway with the water from the roads steadily drenching my jeans !

The ride was to remember and honour Varun, a madbull member who lost his life while riding. His spirit of adventure, camaraderie and brotherhood left a deep impression within the fraternity.

The ride to Dheenabandu ashram is a yearly ritual. Celebrating Varun, Independence Day and a charity run all at the same time, it is wonderful to experience the joy of hoisting the national flag in a school. To most it brings back childhood memories of Independence Day March past, cultural programmes and a day where no academics are taught.

To the corporate slaves like yours truly, it is a day to breathe the fresh air on a motorcycle and on a day like today, get wet !

The ride started off at 640 am and amidst the drizzle, we were moving ahead. What was supposed to be over 35 motorcycles saw about 9 enfields riding in staggered formation. The roads being wet, the air smelling fresh and traffic being mild, the ride was pretty much on point.

Crossed the second toll gate and pulled over for chai. We had ample time as we arrived early and this gave us a chance to dry our wet socks and soaking shoes. The silencer of the motorcycle was the designated warmer for the day.

Chai and chatter done, we were headed towards the school. Breakfast was ready and after the initial round of hi hello and how are you’s, it was straight dive into the food.

This was soon followed by flag hoisting and the national pledge. The last row boys such as ourselves were as usual having a laugh regarding just about anything.

The school has grown from the last time we were here. The kids now have a fantastic auditorium and a wonderful platform to showcase their talents and their skills. The cultural events were beautiful and had so much of dedication and effort to it.

More laughter outside and soon it was time to get back on the highway to get home. A few hungry hearts took off to Arcot to attack the biriyani while the good people such as me rode back home :)))

Lovely clouds that got darker with every km covered, empty roads and a peaceful easy feeling saw the miles crunching well. It was a good ride, especially on a mid week.

Lovely time with the boys, the school kids and of course with birdie as always

Pictures of the fun times at

Have a wonderful Independence Day and get back to office tomorrow ! Cheerio

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