My blue bandana !!!

It has been over 12 hours that I am back from #mbmc16A, but that bluey feeling is still lingering. This time, it is not because of the ride, or the joy of hitting the roads, but it is because of the loss of my blue bandana.

Gifted to me in 2006, that simple piece of cloth has been an identity and a piece of me through over 12 years of my motorcycle touring. It was one of the gifts that I have treasured and now to be back home without it….is quite an empty feeling.

This is one of those times when I wish I could turn back time so that I would have still held on to the bandana despite the odds. I am still with disbelief how the guy cleaning the place could think that such a huge piece of cloth could be something that someone discarded while that person was still there.

A 6 feet long bench after biriyani meant only one thing – power nap and that is exactly what I indulged in, which happened to be the biggest mistake. The biriyani was okay-okay types, nothing too great to write home about, but nonetheless, the experience of eating at Venu was something on my to-do list.

The boys were sitting and waiting for Navaneeth to join us. While I was lost in my orbital journey across the galaxies, little did I know the bandana had slid down my body. Amidst the chatter and the banter that was going on, the maintenance guy at the hotel went about his duty and on that fateful day, included sweeping my bandana as well.

My boys did not realize that it was my blue bandana that was being swept, but once I started saddling up, it hit them.

While realization hit them, the feeling of loss hit me ! And it hit pretty bad. It was not a good feeling at all. Frantically walking to and fro between the hotel and the garbage disposal bin, the feeling was sinking in even more. To everyone concerned there, it was a piece of cloth, but to me , it was so much more. That piece of cloth has ridden with me in all the miles that I have ridden through the years and losing it was like being hit by a ton of bricks.

This is me orbiting the galaxies.

I don’t know when I ever had such anguish and helplessness on my face. I knew the bandana was somewhere in one of them bins, but knowing that I would not find it in-between the so many banana leaves and left over food was cruelly depressing. I could not care less of the many looks and stares from the restaurant people, but if there was one person who felt that the world came crashing down after eating a plate of biriyani at Venu’s, it was me.

The last few pictures taken with the blue bandana :

A biriyani creates happy memories, but to me that day, it did exactly the opposite. There is no consolation or fancy words that can make me feel good about losing it. It is not like it tore and I had to retire it. Now I just have pictures and memories that I can relate to and share stories, but that also would not compensate the physical loss of my precious blue bandana.

While the wheels had to keep turning that evening, we rode up to Kodai, but the feeling was not the same !

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