A day

It is a beautiful day to be able to write. To be able to put feelings on paper and to express. But the irony of writing is that there are too many things to tell. Some, that can be written and then some that should be read.

Such is the day today.

I find it interesting that some people have harboured distaste and still hold on to it like the plague. I did have a smirk on my face as i heard about it, but then again, it still keeps you wondering that one single word. Why !

Such is the ride of life, i guess. To be able to pick up oneself and start running the race like nothing happened. Anyways, there will be more details tomorrow as I sit down for a rather interesting discussion to understand where the itch is.

The bright side is that NERM 2018 is just around the bend. I had this wild idea of backpacking in Nepal and then going to the event. It is good to have wild ideas that would knock your socks off just when hearing them. It is good because it keeps your balls in check and your mind constantly wondering where the fuck the money is going to come from.

Even as i type this, all i love is free flowing words that are flowing from my mind to my fingers as Metallica screams out " turn the page" through my ears. !

Ironic song for the scene, aint it ! Gotta love the irony, gotta linger the memories.

Ride on

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