Water proof

The relationship goes back to #mahaRM when a vendor had supplied these duffel bags to the participants..

In his business expansion drive, he has been promoting his bags to others belonging to the biking fraternity at down to earth prices that is certainly affordable and the bag also seems practical.

From the multiple options that he had shared, I picked up the one that costed the least and also served its purpose as a duffel bag. Finally laying hand on it today, it feels super good and I can’t wait to take it out on a ride to test its usefulness.

This is how it looks like

It acts as a duffel and can be slung over ones shoulder as well. It feels spacious for the 25 litre capacity and should be good to go for a weekend trip or for about 3 days worth of ride.

From past ride experiences, minimalism has been the key of everything. Not many tees are worn and with dry fit tees being the order of clothing packed , it will be interesting to see what can be crammed in for longer trips as well.

Having a waterproof waist pouch or bum bag would be great too.. would need to figure that out sometime. Bra was talking about the Dirtsack bags that look amazing and would be a lifesaver during NERM and other rides.. but need to figure out how practical they seem to be from a cost perspective as well..

Time will tell I believe on how this one fares and if I should invest in better quality rucksacks .

Till then, it’s a great adventure out there !!


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