Of rainy days in the city

Who doesn’t like those days ? The pleasure of feeling those drops land on your body after traveling millions of miles is like no other. This is when one decides to step outside when it is raining

The other joy is to sit indoors and watch the onslaught of the raindrops as rain filled clouds loom over you. It is quite a miracle that happens. Clouds fill up with moisture, turn dark and then with charged electrons then coincide with the free protons that causes thunder and lightning and brings down rain upon dry and desolate places and souls thus uplifting everything that is brown and dry to become green and prosperous.

It is quite a miracle and is so wonderful to see God’s creation do so much..

What is also super wonderful during this time is to stuff one’s face with the yummiest, hottest, tastiest food that is available at that time. Usually it is a steamy plate of biriyani, but today’s special on my mind was Parotta and that yummy salna.

Shahul introduced me to the place that is near my workplace and has been a lifesaver of a joint during many a late night in office.

Today was not too late that I decided to log out and it was happiness at every step as I played out the food in my head.

The seat was free, the leaf was kept, the parottas were served and the first mouth was taken !

Lined them up, ready to bite !

Oh what joy! The feeling of food going in, the delight of spices in the salna, the hot crispy parotta and the drizzle outside was nothing short of super delux awesomeness.

At that time, the only thing that existed was the leaf, those 3 parottas on them and my mouth. Whether I was hungry seemed secondary, the fact that my heart and stomach were in true sync was the highlight of the evening

Three became four and in about 10 minutes we were done and beaming . Since I had gotten out quite early from work ( compared to my midnight sojourns), the chai shop was also open. Today was turning out to be double dhamaka.

Settled down for a glass of black tea and life seemed so lovely for a quick minute. Thank God for food, I tell you ! It really brings joy to a hungry stomach and a dreamy heart.

Loved the rains , the weather and the general day. I can’t believe I’m propped in bed already. But some days are like this I guess .

All is well ! And well is good !


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