The X-Perience

It’s been a few days over 2 months that I have been tapping out on the iPhone X and I must say this – it is fucking awesome !

I remember picking up my first iPhone – the 6 and thought it was big and inconvenient and moved over to the SE which i have loved and endured all this while and still do.. but after about 2 months of using the X, I am simply blown away of the practicality this device offers..

From the very photos taken on this device, to the user experience one has, this surpasses all their previous devices ever launched.

As a traveller and a predominately data person who juggles multiple apps and multiple channels, this has been a elite device of sorts that helps me do things at the speed I want it to.

So in the last 60 days, I’ve changed about 3 cases.. and the progression seems to be rather interesting..
Picked up a otter box the first day, which was then replaced by a UAG which has been now replaced by the Apple leather case. All these cases are good, protective and add the oooh la laa feature, but the leather is what takes the cake and the cherry.

The otter box ! Lying idle at home ( and up for sale)

Replaced by the UAG which is now in my laptop bag

And finally the oomph factor is this :

The feel, the presence and the platina makes it stand out among a plethora of x’s and even though I’m paying premium, it truly lives up to its standards..

This is the experience at 60 plus days.. i will want to post up more in the days to come and of course share my side of the story when iOS 12 hits the AppStore

Till then.. happy x’ing and if anyone is wondering should they take the plunge…. there’s only 3 words for you – Just get it !!


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