Sadras, breakfast. Happy Sunday

It was a while that I hit the road. By a while, it was over 30 days. Totally unacceptable but given the weather and the bheja fry that came with it, I think it becomes acceptable.. unless one was riding at night .

The nights were no better.. it was humid and sweaty and it wasn’t very ride friendly.

Anyway, with the weather trying to play nice, it was time to get the motorcycle out and take a chance ..

Veer and I met up at the 6ish time we agreed on.. Filled fuel and we were off. The sun doing it’s warm up course along the ECR, but she was playing nice. Mahabs is more like a stretch legs type destination and we were soon past Mamalla, Thiruporur and onto Kalpakkam.

The last time I rode to Sadras was like 8 years ago and there were some vague memories of the route. India’s GPS is word of mouth and we soon discovered that there was a new bridge that took you straight to Sadras.

Our destination was the fort and the history surrounding it. For the uninitiated, the Sadras fort dates back to the Dutch where they used it as a trade port.
Sadras and Madras used to be twin poets. Until the British invaded and took over and over the ages is now under the able hands of Archeological society of India .

Read more about Sadras here :

Okay.. so moving on, the time was somewhere like 7 ish.. a cuppa chai, some nice conversation and long time catch up later, we decided to head out. It was 8 am and the sun stopped playing nice. She was heating up.
The chai wala informed us the fort is open to public at 830. The idea of waiting another half hour, getting roasted for another hour and then riding back did not seem appealing at all.

Clicked some pictures and we were back on the road – straight to Mamalla for breakfast. All that riding stirs up an appetite.

Hotel Mamalla on a Sunday morning is automobile haven. If you are a biker, you’d meet known friends, make new ones and let’s not leave out all the beautiful motorcycles that show up .

Veer and I just did a rough calculation on the money value of the motorcycles parked… it was a hugeee number !

Lotsa motorcycles, lotsa chatter, good food, it was time to ride out. Next destination – regal at beasi. Needed to hydrate before heading to church.

The ROK cables are brilliant. Very useful in situations such as this .

Straight to church, battled with sleep but got interesting and engaging after a bit. I didn’t doze off !! Lol

Church done, got to know my aunt was not in the country- so there went my lunch.

Straight to chai shop for lemon tea and the quick meet up with Pradeep, my school mate.

Had to click a pic of birdie while waiting :

Anyway, all that done.. picked up some biriyani, had a good snooze and now up to finish my sundays errands and hit the sack again..

In all, a beautiful Sunday.

June is coming up.. need to get back on the road more .

A ride to Trivandrum sometime soon..


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