Want to ride

It’s the end of a long work week.

I logged in my time sheet today and for the last 4 days, I have logged in 48 hours at work. With today’s timing, it would have crossed over 55 hours. Now that, is a lot !

Which means only one thing .. I need to get my ass on the motorcycle and get out there on the highway !!

I have not ridden out the whole month of May, mostly due to the weather in Madras , that has been a little shy of frying and in a way due to laziness.

It has been an eventful month nonetheless, and it is very easy to miss the feeling of the highway and the motorcycle engine thumping between your legs

Being on a motorcycle is such joy. A simple flick of the wrist takes one from being a easy rider to a adrenaline filled moment. The very joy that it radiates by sitting on it and feeling the engine roar to life is enough to excite anyone

Getting back to track, I want to ride and would like to go back to the town of Sadras.
Known once at the twin city of madras, Sadras was a strategic location for the French, the Dutch and the British during each of their rule

Now wholly taken care by the Dutch society, the place is well preserved- at least it was when we visited it 8 years ago.. and has a deep history to it .

Cheers to waking up early on Sunday morning and riding out


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