The heat !!

Madras is hot during summer. It gets sweaty, it becomes uncomfortable and goes to the point of being unbearable .. but this time, we have stepped over the line.

It is hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, humid, extremely sweaty and un-fuckin-believably uncomfortable!!

Venturing out today was like being a walking sweat machine . Every step I took I was sweating. Every second I was standing , I was sweating. The towel I had was wringing wet and it did not matter if I had the air conditioning in the car..

Jeez.. Add to that having to step out every 20 minutes at the next errand point. Crazy !

The irony of all this is the neighbouring city, Bangalore is having ice rains ! Ice rains ! Can you believe it. And in madras the thermos just does not want to go off !


But in all of the sweat and the running around, I was able to get quite a bit of things done and I am proud of that.

Biriyani at Kalyani biriyani after a long time tasted good. It is one of the oldest places in the city that serves delicious biriyani that is bit on the wet side.

Steaming hot with small pieces of mutton and generous servings of onion raitha and brinjal gravy, a plate of biriyani will set your stomach to many levels of happiness and peace .

That being done, I was busy circling the city to lay my hands on a pair of dumbbells. Playing badminton requires quite a bit of the forehand muscles and it was time to pick up iron to help in the general toning of the muscles ..

Got an pair, a tad expensive, but it is in steel and has a nice feel to it

Whilst shopping for the dumbbells, also decided to get my badminton racquet re-stringed !!!

It was the cheaper option than to pick up a head heavy racquet for about 5k..

Met a nice mallu chap who knows what he’s doing and is a professional. He knew which strings were good and also has the background of hosting many tournaments. I will find out tomorrow how these strings fare

This was all the good side .. the sun was beating down really hard and I was quite a wreck.. maybe I should stick to wearing the dry fit tees than the thick cotton ones..Something to ponder for next week I guess !

Anyway, getting back home after a long day, all I want to do is get some sleep, call it a good weekend and feel at peace.

Will I ?


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