The travel bug

It is that very infectious bug that affects most of us. A healthy way to see the sights and sounds around us and also experience a change in culture, cuisine and people.

With the sun beating down on us without reprieve, it is but natural for the bug to stir your soul and want to take a trip. It has been tempting to get on to the road, but the thought of the sun, the heat waves and the weather, everything else takes precedence.

The good thing is that the days seem to be crossing past the roast around the sun timeframe in a good pace. Today ends the week and by the time we get back on to the next working day, it would be May 14th, which is a good thing as it is closer to the mid of the month.

This month, the most visits I would be doing is towards the cemetry. Having buried both my parents and my maternal granparents in the same grave, it is time to pay them a visit as their death anniversaries are coming up.

Getting back to the travel bug, birdie has been behaving quite well of late and probably needs to get on the roads, maybe for breakfast or a late dinner ride.

The urban jungle, the mindless discussions, the meaningless emptiness is getting to be too monotonous.

Then there is the idea of riding into work. which is a good fun thing to do.. but then considering the heat and all that, should i ?

On that same note, I am waiting for the twin to be released to the Indian market and IF it is in the affordable bracket, probably lay my hands on it.

Lots of things to do, lots of miles to clock ! and the bug is biting pretty hard.


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