Tapping out of the iPhone X

This feels like a dream device. It’s an expensive device, but in the almost 1 week of usage, this feels super delux. It is bloody expensive, I won’t deny that, but i reckon it has everything a smartphone can ever need for the next 2-3 years.

The good thing about #apple is that they think about futuristic products and the X is true testimony to that vision. It is hard to believe the amount of technology and hardware they have crammed into the device.

Coming from a iPhone SE, this is a whole new experience and every time I have to access the SE, it is easy to get confused with the usage.. especially one that has the home button and one that has a swipe screen

Overall, pretty much impressed with the device and what it has to offer. The tech is futuristic, the hardware feels elite and I have a shiny uag to shield the device

The camera is a whole different ball game. The portrait mode takes some fantastic pictures with the dual cameras and they do not disappoint in any way at all.

The cameras on the SE with 5 mp and 1.2 mp was spellbounding and the X packs 2 x 12 and a 7 mp that has portrait mode enabled that should probably put my 35mm dlsr to rest for a long time ..

I haven’t started to travel with this device and I’m looking forward to clicking some sunrise or landscapes to see how they fare..

I will be posting updates pretty soon on how this one device will be my go-to device for a traveler like me


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