A brand new month

Unbelievable! It’s the 3rd month of the new year.. or rather , should I say, a new month in the year.. Time seems to be flying by in such speed, it is pretty much unbelievable.

But the good news is that we are in a new month and a month full of good things ahead. Lots of road trips, time offs and all the unplanned things that are always a constant surprise .

Today seems surprisingly quiet. And I think it’s needed. It has been pretty much of a blur the last few days, weeks rather , and it’s pretty good to have the breathing space.

I’ve been up to a lot of things over the last few weeks. Loads of memories collected and roads travelled and it feels nice to look forward to another new month of much more .

I finally got my brogues. And it feels good. Surprisingly! I’m pretty happy about the colour. While it is not proper leather, it doesn’t show as anything lesser than leather.

I’ve been upgraded to a premier club member at M&S . Pretty interesting huh!! Well.. as of now, the shirts are damm tight.. but that also means that I need to shed some tummy and hopefully things will become good again..

Lots of ramble .. need to renew my passport.. hmmm!!!

Better get it done now..

More later


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