Long Overdue

This is a much long overdue post.. 21 days into the new year, but there’s so many things that happened over these last 3 weeks .

A bright sunrise ride saw me feeling all good and happy

My long pending squabble with the significant other finally saw closure. It felt like breathing fresh air after being in a clogged room, but at the same time felt the coldness of detachment, fragrance of freedom and a lifetime of remorse wash over me. My uncle said “signing that document is like putting upon curse on yourself “. And it felt exactly like that. But well, have to move on and look at the brighter side of things

Birdie finally got her much needed revamp. After 2 years of planning. But I’m glad it is done and she is unstoppable for now! And I love the new looks too..

I got to meet my small little bundle of joy. She is still apprehensive, but time will hopefully bring things together. God knows how much I love that woman and she will soon realise that too. She seemed scared of birdie.. sigh. So, there’s two of us wondering what did we do wrong where she doesn’t like us. Just have to keep at it, I guess

Here we are, grinning away

She can light up a dark room with her excitement and it was so nice seeing her play and enjoy herself at the mall. Starting the next weekend, need to find places where I can take her to and show her things. Time to open up the map and see what she would like.

Time will make things come together. That is the one hope I’m living on!

I am not riding to maha rm this year. Surprisingly, I did not want to burn my wallet and go for a ride which is going to be super delux awesome going by the way the promotions are going on. Also, I might be riding across kerala during that weekend. So it works out well I guess.

Life seems to be good so far. I have felt the hand of God lead me through all this and I can’t be more thankful.

More posts to come and more closures to happen



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