Scrum Master

And it’s done … after much thought and zero planning, God helped open doors and 16 hours of classes later, I am a certified scrum Master..

It’s something small, yet significant in my career. As much as I can go around telling managers and potential managers that I have been working on a scrum project, a certificate adds reputation and dignity to my claim to fame.

Should thank Mel for pinging me out of the blue to tell me about the certification and one thing led to another where I called up the consultant, hooked up the classes and Sunday evening saw me becoming certified!

It also saw me celebrate the evening with Zoe .. Sunday was becoming fantastic by the minute.

Proud moment of joy.. and I couldn’t be more thankful to God for all the ways he is guiding me.. I am pissed at many other things, but I have also learnt to become a grateful man..



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