Wow time flies

I have been wanting to write… not just express frustration, but generally write.. but life gets so tangled in the chores of everyday, that at the end of the day you just feel spent.

22nd oct- the time when I should be sleeping.. but when there’s some rum, it’s always good to be awake.

Almost the end of October.. wow! Time flies.. November and December and then we’re done with 2017. Guess this is how life moves.. in terms of flying calendars and busy schedules. And in between all of this, there lies the whole thread about memories and life and love and happiness.

The last I wrote was a couple weeks back, during the month of September.. That bitter sweet month that always comes up for me.. I even wrote about my time with my precious little daughter, Zoe..

Deep down, I love this space, this ability to even key in a few words and express my desire to communicate.. there were many comments on my earlier blog entries and it was amazing reading them.

It’s a beautiful Saturday night and I couldn’t be happier. I got so many things done today and I’m surprised at myself as well..

Biking shopping is in full swing, the excitement for nerm is building up, and the bills are also climbing walls.

It was disappointing to be without the required finances, but then I’ve just handed it over to God to open those doors for me.

Sometimes it’s not worth worrying about things, but as I was talking to my aunty today.. it seems like a guy thing !

God says – lay all your burdens upon me and I will give you rest.. but the truth is, we really do not lay everything to him, do we ?

In many ways I am frustrated that I haven’t see any answers , but I believe that God has a plan. Sometimes I feel that my mum never had her prayers answered while she was alive… don’t know what to say for that ..

Coming back.. Saturday night, some rum and a whole lotta memories. Love this day !


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