Zoo time with Zoe

School vacations ! Who doesn’t love them, except for the parents who have to go to work.. but other than that, the kids just love the break and free time and the playtime and what not …

Zoe was no different and her mother was wondering what to do to keep her occupied. A quick call to figure out if I had a holiday and soon a plan was chalked out.. Interesting as it may seem, I had no idea how we were going to make this happen.

The day was here and the little one was super excited knowing that I had suggested to go to Vandalur Zoo than the boring Guindy park. We had gone there when she was 2 years old and there wasn’t anything special about the place as such..

From what I’ve been hearing from my office colleagues, Vandalur seemed to be a great place to go to, as long as you got the battery operated car to take you around..else it was going to be a long long walk.

Met up at a common point and headed straight out to lunch.

Good food always ensures that whatever scheduled goes good. Wangs kitchen has lost its quality from what it used to be and this was the same case at the restaurant near the Zoo.

Anyway, mild lunch later, we were soon at the ticket counter. Adults at ₹50 and kids at ₹20. Surprisingly you have to pay ₹25 to carry in a mobile phone with a camera. Sadly the battery buggy wasn’t available as it was all blocked in advance. We weren’t very happy about the sun shining and the thought of walking around but then there wasn’t any other option

The zoo is maintained pretty well with good enclosures and structured arrangement as such. Saw a lot of birds, exotic parrots, cockatoos and it was quite nice to see them in full action..

Anyway, we kept on walking, and talking and laughing our way to other parts of The Zoo. Tiredness was seeping in and we also got to see those battery operated vehicles going by. How the hell did those people get it and we had to walk ??

More on that later .

From birds , we moved on to larger birds and then to animals.. I thought we saw some kind of a weird buffalo.. looked more like a mini bison.. huge muscles and all.

We then went to see an otter – smelly fella and while we were wondering how much more to walk and what all was to see, we got to hear the answers for the battery operated buggies that folks were on.

Apparently the buggy for a couple was not available, but the common sharing ₹100 per head was available from 2 pm. From how the conversation was going on, looks like there is something called pre-booking and because of which we were walking and tired AF.

So here was Plan B – see the tiger, go back to the counter, get a lion safari package and make it worth the day.

The Bengal tigers are a sight to see ! Having them in tight enclosures doesn’t allow great pictures , so didn’t take any. They looked majestic in their laziness and the way they lay.

Before we moved over to Plan B, we also attacked the Aavin booth there… Smallie was on sugar rush with 2 ice creams straight..

As we continued to walk towards the counter, the time was somewhere close to 4 pm and it didn’t look very positive about us getting the safari.. Braving the crowds, I still pushed through the exiting crowds to get to the ticket counter and the worst was confirmed.

This wasn’t going well. First the battery buggy and now the safari !

Disappointed, I was back at our waiting post where all three of us weren’t happy to hear the news. There was the slight chance of doing an unofficial trip, but that fizzled too..

Zoe was the most happiest as she got to play in the park. The park was the biggest highlight for her where she was enjoying herself. The only wonder was – how did she have so much energy even after walking so much while we were so zonked !! Children !!

Anyway, lots of playing in the swing, the slide and other kiddie fixtures, we were ready to call it a day

The day was great and it was a wonderful father-daughter time. But there was disappointment too !

But most importantly my Zoe had a brilliant time and that’s all that matters .

I love my baby and I’m thankful to God for the privilege of meeting her and being a father to her !

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