The itch

And I love it ! The desire to key it down, the ability to express, the avenue of release, the liberation of a constipated hurt, the life of a regrettable man !

I’ve always found relief in keying in my feelings. From the time of my first heartbreak to today. I’ve released them in avenues that were only private to me, but what’s the harm in going public, right ?

I particularly love this Saturday night. It is peaceful, I have my space, music, loneliness and let’s not forget that large cloud looming over my soul. It’s not the boatman, but it’s bigger than that.

Anyway.. life has been a merry go around and I’ve believed that a superior power is watching over me. I may not be wrong, considering how far I’ve come , but sometimes you feel cheated.

Is it supposed to make you develop into superman ? Or make you build your defences thick ?

All questions I don’t have answers for. Maybe there is a reason, maybe tomorrow will be a better.

That fucking word called maybe !

I want to keep singing that song by white buffalo- oh baby what have I done , but is it going to help ? Not in a motherfucking million years !!

I miss Indu. She was probably the only one who read through my lines when I used to write in 2006-2007 and seen the hurt and pain of my first heartbreak.

And from then, till today, has been fucking breaking all day fucking long !

Life.. my friend ! Life !

Relationships !

Regret, hurt, pain

What did you gain ?

The moon rises, the sun is beaming strong across the world. Life goes on and so does your cross

Carry it onward, ye soldier !!

Have a good one


2 thoughts on “The itch

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  1. D – There are going to be good days and bad days in life… for all. You know why? Worrying is in the human blood. One worries about relationships, another about money and yet another about having at least a meal a day. And I have learned the hard way that the best that we can do is shift focus from an area we are struggling with and look at an area that we can be grateful for. Because at the end of the day worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair… you think you are moving… but nay, you aren’t going anywhere.

    I know this is an old post and am just catching up now. And am hoping from your latest post you are better than ever. Take care… Love & Light Sony

    1. Thanks Sony for those words of comfort.. yes, there are those days that sprout out and yes , everyone worries a lot.

      I have always lived and loved the way I have lived.. but there are certain times when you introspect and then hope that life would spin different

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