My lovely princess

Having got the opportunity to meet my darling daughter after a lot of talking and whatsapp chatting , it was quite something to see her in person and spend time with her.

Today evening’s time spent was not like the other visits. It wasn’t the – I don’t want to see you dada or I’m scared of you dada kinda answers.. it was fun from the word go and answers to a lot of prayers

I believe this is the way forward and sometimes some steps must be taken to repair hurt and heal ones soul.

She finally agreed to take a selfie with me and here it is.

My lovely angel , Zoe and me 🙂

While I can’t but keep staring at the smiles that we both have, I love the way life is. In my imperfections, God is making a way for me and I can’t be more thrilled!

I’m going to be back on social media pretty soon. My baby and I had a selfie after 4 years. It’s about time !!


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