All in a Saturday

It's one of those peaceful days to wake up late, not worry about the day ahead and do things that would be so impossible on a normal weekday.

It also is a great day to take your motorcycle out for a spin and have a great day on the roads, have a quick stop at your garage and get some goodies for yourself too!

Looking back from this Monday morning, looks like I had the best of both the scenarios. Lazed around for a good bit and then the thought of birdie and stopping at Jaf's for a quick check got me out of bed and onto the bike.

Initial diagnosis is that she needs to get better electricals.. and fast ! A small peek at her battery case and another twist of the ignition woke her up and soon we were cruising. That cruising however lasted for a very short period, thanks to the never ending traffic woes that surrounds all city roads.

The good part of riding a motorcycle is the ability to sneak between cars, trailers, lorries and any other form of transportation that has greater than 2 wheels. Birdie and I love that part !

The sun shining extra bright on Saturday, we were soon at Jaf's, birdie eager for the rest and myself eager for the cool air from the fan.

There was a mild tick tick noise coming from the rear wheel and it's been bothering me for a while. I heard that sound as I started out for #mbmc15a but didn't give it much attention, but this time, I wanted to have it checked.

A quick check from Arif confirmed the issue. The rear wheel bearings were shot and that was the cause of issues. Considering how I've been riding and the terrain Birdie and me have been through, I wasn't surprised.

After about an hour, Ansari the great had arrived from his lunch break as I was on my way to pick up the new bearings. Turns out, I was to pick up a sprocket bearing too.. it's not something everyone replaces , but Arif thought otherwise. Anyway, new is always better, so couldn't be worried about it.

Once we had the wheel off, and the bearings out in the open, it was a very interesting contrast to see the old and new bearings

These are the old ones. All worn, balls missing and the rattle as one rotates it between your fingers

And these are the new ones. Shiny and all ready to go !!!

What a contrast !!! Well, shocks aside, I was glad that the bearings were getting replaced.

Also found out a bit of an issue with the hub, but all those issues were being ironed out right here and it felt good.

Surprisingly, a customer came in for a sprocket change and this is how his old sprocket looked like. Truly shocked is the word !!

How did the bike even move ??

Anyway… pleasant surprise was the cup of chai at Jaf's. Brought back lots of memories of old times

Saturday, chai, bike tinkering, hot sun, endless waiting, piling cups of chai. Good times

Anyway.. that was done and dusted and birdie felt new and good. Now for more rides and happy peaceful rides.

With that in mind, I rode in straight to khaja at Perimet at 420pm to have lunch. My stomach was patient all this while, gotta hand it to her and the thought of biriyani was helpful in keeping sanity levels at bay

This is absolute delight! Mild, yet every grain of rice well flavoured, the spices finding its way through every corner of the meat, the aroma and the peace with which it sits in your belly! Heaven !

Once you have burped away, they then give you this chai that makes you forget all the worries in the world ! It is beautifully brilliant and makes your Saturday feel uber complete.

From there to shoe factory for some window shopping and chitchat. Picked up a Kolhapuri sandal which looked pretty nice. Time will tell how it fares.

Back on the home stretch with more errands being completed enroute, it was time to call it a peaceful Saturday.

All in a Saturday, all in a bikers day !


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