There's celebration in the air, friendship bands being tied across wrists, many cheers being clinked and long term silence between two people disappears into thin air..

Sometimes it's arguable if there should be a "day" to celebrate friendship as that particular relationship does not need a particular reminder like a birthday or an anniversary, but when you look at how many people come together in the name of a "friendship day party", it sometimes seems necessary.

Surprisingly that is how life spins, isn't it. When the wheels are turning on a daily basis, one needs a small reminder to take a break from monotonous schedule and take time to remember, celebrate and be happy.

Ironical as it may seem, such is the schema of life..

The world is full of friends, just that we don't see them with friendly eyes.
Celebrate friendship- it's that one bond that surpasses every possible bond in the galaxy

Cheers !

2 thoughts on “Happy friendship day !

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  1. I totally agree with you! As much as I hate to admit it… today was the day I chose to make all those phone calls to connect with some of my long lost friends. The day serves as a gentle reminder to rekindle our relationships.

    1. Awesome ! Sometimes we just need that reminder I guess to take time off and connect with our friends and celebrate for all that is worth !

      Happy friendship day to you !!

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