Sitting in the quiet of the night, feeling the breeze graze my skin, my thoughts go back to the scene a couple nights back – the sky filled with rain filled clouds, sounds of laughter, beer bottles being popped open, old friends meeting up, music playing away and life seemed just right.
The feeling was sinking in… We were celebrating 15 years of being together as a club. 15 years !! It had a lot of meaning, this anniversary. We had been together through thick and thin, through joys and sadness, through life and death and in all of it, we’ve still retained one thing – we were mad and will always be !
Welcome to the 15th year of Madness with the Madras Bulls Motorcycling Club !!
We turned 15 in April this year, but the weather, schedules and everything in between saw us partying at the end of July. On foresight, when we started planning it, we were concerned on pushing our anniversary party by a couple of months, but on hindsight after enjoying and having the time of our lives for those 2 nights – It was totally worth the delay.
Planning for the 15A started probably during the month of April when we hit that magic number. Scouting, sourcing and planning were the key things on everyone’s head as June rolled by into July.
Having finalized the location to be Pondicherry, it was going to be a quick ride to the venue. The event scheduled for the 28th through the 30th saw registrations from Bangalore, Mysore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and of course, Madras. The plan was simple – ride in, party on, and celebrate !
The volunteers had planned to party early! Getting there on Thursday night to set up the required permits, accommodation and other essentials for the next two days, it was party-on mode from the word go.
Saddling up on Thursday night after a long day, it was pleasant feeling the chill breeze of the night as the engine thumped in its own rhythm. Murugan, Gokill and myself were riding out on Thursday night and we had planned to start off by about 10 from the ECR. 10 moved to 11, and by 11 30 PM, we were on our way, just crossing the 1st toll gate towards Pondy.
A night ride experience is always something. Couple that with lightning streaks across the sky and that chill breeze and you have the stage set for a brilliant ride.
The sky that night was exhilarating in every possible way. The traffic thinned as we rode by, the roads were drying from the earlier burst from up above and the skies were in no mood to stop that night. The lightning streaks that lit up the sky felt like a woman’s legs that twitched to her lover’s touch. With every mile that we kept going, the streaks were getting stronger, the roads darker, the air getting chill and it felt like climbing her legs as she was in the throes of passion.
Taking that right turn after Mahabs, she was nearing orgasm and just as we passed the confluence resort, she let go! Three bullets were slicing through the roads, getting drenched, feeling the chill and responding to the adrenaline coursing through our veins. It was a great feeling – being in the midst of nature’s fury as she rained down on the tarmac and the dry ground.
The road glistened, the bullets thundered, our bodies excited and the engines were happy !
Stopping for chai at Kalpakkam, Gokill and I had a grin on our faces. We had missed the rain ride that we were part of earlier, and tonight was make up of all sorts. Securing some plastic covers for our mobiles, we were back on the road again. Her orgasm had reduced to a mild drizzle and all three engines were thumping simultaneously as we munched up the roads ahead.
MudaliyarKuppam went by, the fresh smell of salt at the beds of Marakkanam zipped past, Eucalyptus filled the air at one point, the sights and smells of nature that can only be experienced on a motorcycle and particularly at night. It was a feeling that rejuvenated the mind, the body and one’s soul. Except for a couple of buses, there wasn’t much traffic at that time of the night. We crossed the Pondicherry arch just about 1 20 AM and we could hear the distant rumble in the heavens.
Finding our way to the resort and parking our rides, it was time to get this night started.
There were about 12 of us, with a few more riding in through the course of the night. The initial feeling was – It was happening, it was finally happening !! The 15A celebrations were underway and what we thought was a long wait was now just a few hours. Beer, food and chatter was the order of the night until close to 4 AM where we decided to call it a night. The lounge where we were, overlooked the beach, and the serenity of hearing waves lap on to the shore in the dead of the night fills one with immense peace and tranquility. It was time to hit the sack !
28th –
Breakfast done and settled down at the resort, the day was starting. To warm up, there were some cold beers going around, while Led Zeppelin was belting through a JBL speaker that was contradictory to its size. Bira, the monkey was absolutely awesome !
Multiple phone calls to vendors, laborers putting up banners and posters, permissions and what not filled the air. The soaps from Rope International had come in, Bacardi with their Breezers and by mid afternoon, Kingfisher with their huge load of beer !
Riders from RTMC and KTMC were riding in – all reeling in under the heat and wanted to get their bags down and head right into the party!
The counters were set, the ice was in, the chilling was happening and in a short while, it was going to be the start of good times! The clouds were partying in their own way as well. The sky was getting dark and the clouds were moving towards us. Enjoying a windy time at the beach, it was a fantastic setting to get some amazing pictures.
Reluctant to leave the beach , but having to organize the evening, we stepped out to get things moving. The party was in full swing. The DJ had set up and was trying to belt some numbers. Everyone were in a state of happiness and general cheer. Lots of introductions, new people catching up with old timers, old timers missing out on the regulars and the likes.
Pondy was raining hard and so far, we were still on dry land. The way the clouds moved and the air felt, we knew it wouldnt last a long time. In about 20 odd minutes, the first drops landed on our tables, and in the next 2 minutes, the skies opened completely. Everyone scurried away into the huts trying to stay dry and wait it out.
Being the mad lot that we are, some of us just went right out, got drenched, played football in the rain and let the rain soak our skins.
Clothes – Soaked.
The feeling – Priceless !
Nature is phenomenal that way. Once you give in she goes right in to your soul.
It was Reju’s birthday today. While we planned the surprise cake for him, little did we know that the rains would come thundering down and change the plan of the entire evening.
It rained for over an hour and as the crowd thinned, folks were slowly streaming towards the dinner counter. Playing in the rain does work up an appetite. The food was delicious with quite a spread and once we were done, we were back on the lawn.. this time for very interesting chatter with the boys. It was here we coined the new hashtag #letsgo which I’m sure will become an identity with the madbulls
Still drenched and feeling chill on the outside, while the food digested on the inside and with the clock hitting somewhere close to 2 AM, it was time to hit the sack.
29th –
Surprisingly up and awake at close to 7, today was going to be a action packed day. We had the city ride, events, 15th anniversary acknowledgement, Reju’s birthday to celebrate and many more.
Breakfast was a treat. Idli, Poori, Pongal, Potato Masala, Mutton curry and Kesari saw us all in 7th heaven with absolute delight. Add some butter to your food and food becomes double awesome. Down it all with some coffee or hot tea, one is absolutely set for nirvana.
Waking up to reality, we had a city ride to organize and get going. Kingfisher wanted us to flash their brand and we were thrilled to be riding through pondy town amidst traffic, wearing the Kingfisher tee shirt and feeling awed at the surprise stares and grins from the regular Saturday morning crowd. There were about 30 bullets that rode down and had gathered at the Gandhi statue by the beach for a photograph. It was quite a moment for all of us as well.. to see how much attention we were pulling from the crowd. So much so, that we had a freelance photographer follow us and post up super quality pictures of our ride on his Facebook page.
Brilliant ride and experience done, we were headed back to the resort to a waiting tub of chilled Kingfisher beers! Lunch was due and with our appetites rekindled ( even after the superb breakfast), we just settled down to soak it all in.
Time was ticking and out of the many to-do list of things to do, we completed only the city ride. Time moved, from 3, 4, 5 and even to 6 PM. Events were due to start at 6, and at 630 Pm, Paul – the event organizer was still missing. MST all the way !! 🙂 MST is Madbull Standard Time.
Finally, we had started the events and as the crowd gathered, we completed 3 out of 4 events. A few words by Dodo, acknowledgements to the sponsors, Cake cutting for the Madras Bulls and Reju’s birthday celebrations took place one at a time and we got that done. We still had one more event to conclude and amongst a lot of cheer, got that over with as well.
Prizes soon followed with Rudraa being the prize sponsors and once all that was done – It was time to let the night set in and let everyone bask in the celebration of 15 years of Madras Bulls.
We have come a long way and we have learnt a lot of lessons as well. As a club, we have grown. What started 15 years ago with 10 odd bulleteres, with minimal ride protection and raging adrenaline, we now were more than a 100 and have a separate group called the newbies that has about 1000 odd buzzing members raring to join the main group. Members have changed their outlook on safety, their perspective of touring, and channeling their adrenaline as well.
One of the most important lessons we have learnt is… Be mad, be yourself, life is too short to be taking any chances or even harbouring any grudges.
As the night ticked past midnight, the lawn was again crowded. This time Mr. Old Monk gave us all company and as everyone settled into their own comfort zones, skies opened up again. No one was getting drenched tonight, not at 1 AM. Enjoyed the multi cloud downpour under the comfort of a tent for about 20 odd minutes after which each of us grabbed a chair to use as cover and ran back to our rooms.
The party was over..the memories weren’t.. The years would continue to tick on, the wheels would continue to roll on.
The morning after was lazy AF. Woke up to a pleasant surprise from Dom and Veer who had come on a breakfast drive to Pondy. The ride back was quick, with rains drenching me all over from thiruporur. At most places, the clouds and birdie were racing on who comes first.
15A was over, there were lots of folks who put in efforts to make this happen. Thank you for everything… and look forward to sweet 16. #letsgo !
Praise God for everyone’s safety to and from the event, various events at the venue and for everything else in between !

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