I know I have run out of it.. and I know that it's a race where I am running away from gaining back any of it. Just as I write this, I wonder if God doesn't like it if I depend too much on him. From lots of what I've heard in church and from... Continue Reading →


Scrum Master

And it's done ... after much thought and zero planning, God helped open doors and 16 hours of classes later, I am a certified scrum Master.. It's something small, yet significant in my career. As much as I can go around telling managers and potential managers that I have been working on a scrum project,... Continue Reading →

Starting off great

I think tonight was the longest I've been at work. Started my day at about 9 and then after juggling a doctors appointment, signatures from one part of the city and then logging back in at 1 in the afternoon to logging off at 3 am in the morning ! It has been a long... Continue Reading →


We're here already. It just felt like we kickstarted 2017 a few days ago.. This year has been so much of activity and action that it's hard to believe that 11 months just went on by. December is the month of joy, happiness and excitement. There's something about the month that brings a smile to... Continue Reading →

Wow time flies

I have been wanting to write... not just express frustration, but generally write.. but life gets so tangled in the chores of everyday, that at the end of the day you just feel spent. 22nd oct- the time when I should be sleeping.. but when there’s some rum, it’s always good to be awake. Almost... Continue Reading →

Zoo time with Zoe

School vacations ! Who doesn’t love them, except for the parents who have to go to work.. but other than that, the kids just love the break and free time and the playtime and what not ... Zoe was no different and her mother was wondering what to do to keep her occupied. A quick... Continue Reading →

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