Hush puppied !!

This has been on my "wishlist" for ages and finally I've got my legs into it ! Thanks to an incredible team that gifted me a voucher and thanks to an Ecommerce website that delivered it really quick ! The brown trend continues !!



Boys displaying their skills

Varun memorial 2018

The rain ride happened!! And the wetness thereof was thankfully only for a short duration. Riding in wet shoes is not exactly nice. Waking up at 5 ish in the morning, it was surprising that the mild drizzle had not stopped. The temptation to get back into the cozy covers was high, but at the... Continue Reading →


Lovely composition and I did not want to miss the moment ! Chai, clouds, birdie and a empty highway ! Happiness

Slicing !

Simple as it seems, this is what slicing looks like ! Next time you want to break someone's heart, imagine this graphic !

#Mbmc 16A – Kodai

16 years !!! Let me spell that out.. S.i.x.t.e.e.n !! That is quite a number to awe at, a landmark to appreciate and a journey to raise a toast at. 16 years of madness, fun, smiles and downright craziness that has inspired us, changed us, transformed us and has branded us Madras Bulls! Happy 16,... Continue Reading →

The Kurinji flowers

These flowers bloom once in 12 years.. The last bloom was in 2006 and this time I was lucky to see them in bloom. The next bloom is in 2030. That is quite a while to go !!

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