All in a november and december

It is the start of a new day and a new work week. The days are slipping by so quickly and in a few days, we will all be wishing each other a very happy 2019. So many things have happened since I last wrote about NERM and the enjoyment experienced in the northeast. Birdie... Continue Reading →


#NERM2018 – Sikkim

I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to key in the #Nerm18 experience. I do not know if I should blame it on the countless hours at the office, or the raging infection in my chest or the kazillion number of to-dos at home. Well, finally, here I am, so here goes!... Continue Reading →

Gotta slow down

Been running a crazy schedule the last couple of weeks and my tick tock is reminding me to slow down. It's not a good thing to be running this fast at 5500rpm all day long for all week on loop. Time to take it easy and cool down. Sitting in a bus travelling to blore... Continue Reading →

Friday rambles

Isn't life ironic.. isn't it such a bitch. But in spite of all that, it is fun to see how the world spins. It's the end of the week. A pretty much busy week and so many things have happened this week. I am sure it is the same scene for most of my contact... Continue Reading →


So..the way things look at the moment.. #NERM2018 is a promising reality as opposed to being just a wet dream. More updates as we get closer to flying.

Nothing is forever

It is true, isn't it? No matter how much we are attached to something ( not someone), it isn't forever. Was having a chat with a work colleague for some updates on something that happened of which I was a part of earlier. Having been there for about 4+ years, it was a bittersweet moment... Continue Reading →

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