Road trips

They have a magic in them.. a feeling of freedom, a joy of life and a emotional release of your stress and what not I’m on one and after the few hours on the saddle and a bit of food, life seems to be filled with joy and happiness Praise God for everything so far... Continue Reading →


Thank God for email

I cannot be happier that I am able to write again.. at least send emails out that go out as blog posts. It was becoming too cumbersome to login to the app and then key in with the small mobile keyboard. sometimes thoughts are so overwhelming that you really need a keyboard layout to type... Continue Reading →

Good Friday

Its Good Friday ! Not like any other Friday, but is THE good Friday and i am sitting at my desk. Partly the holiday system to be blamed and mostly me, as I was not too keen to get to church. Good Friday used to be celebrated with such happiness and joy and there was... Continue Reading →

Moving forward !!

It was time !! And it was time to get it inked. I've been dreaming of getting my second ink and had been browsing all the designs possible.. there are so many ones to choose or reference from, but to put your hearts desire into design is quite something.. Renchen from #irezumi was kind enough... Continue Reading →

A brand new month

Unbelievable! It's the 3rd month of the new year.. or rather , should I say, a new month in the year.. Time seems to be flying by in such speed, it is pretty much unbelievable. But the good news is that we are in a new month and a month full of good things ahead.... Continue Reading →

Time !!

I've been struggling to find some time to write. Things have been so hectic, but at the same time pretty much interesting. It's always good to have your hands full.. and a day full of things to do. And by Gods grace, I have that. Maybe I need to find a way to blog via... Continue Reading →

Long Overdue

This is a much long overdue post.. 21 days into the new year, but there's so many things that happened over these last 3 weeks . A bright sunrise ride saw me feeling all good and happy My long pending squabble with the significant other finally saw closure. It felt like breathing fresh air after... Continue Reading →

Avril and her new shoes

Avril was due for her second service @ 25000kms. She was going to be pampered this time. Fully synethic oil and new filters, she had all the promises of good long drives in the days to come. Raghav ( Ignite Garage) and I took her for a short spin when the first sinker came in.... Continue Reading →

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