Negative !

The only time I loved the negative status. So on Friday, a pretty looking health officer came around asking name, age and other details. And then she popped the question- can we take a test? One part of me was like - should I ? The other part of me was like - why not... Continue Reading →

Chicken curry

It’s a simple curry. Tomatoes, onions, ginger garlic paste, some spices and chicken. Cooked for about 30 odd minutes and is a brilliant dish that pairs brilliantly with rice or any Indian bread. Simple as it is, it brings back so many memories to me, especially when I am making this today in trust square.... Continue Reading →


So it’s been a while since I’ve written . Nothing much has changed the last 30 odd days. Still the same work from home, the same schedule - sometimes tight, sometimes choking, sometimes alright and the same line - stay safe. This year has been quite something so far. Long rides have gone out the... Continue Reading →

Avril – quieter, faster

Okay, it’s late AF and my eyes are burning, but when you’ve gotta write, you’ve just gotta write. Today, I mean yesterday was quite interesting. Piled in oodles of work and burnt out grey cells, getting an opportunity to drive out for an errand was like a breath of fresh air. With the whole restrictions... Continue Reading →

Walking in the rain

It was a packed Monday and with the rains that watered the earth a few hours ago, it was perfect to go walking in the cool of the evening. Walking down the stairs in all eagerness, I get treated to this sight. Sigh - not again !! Pitter patter the raindrops fell and so did... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day

I missed my old man today, like I missed him for the last 36 years. Everyone remembered their old man, some put up pictures, some went out of their way and did something for the leading tower in their family. So did I, sans the pictures though. I slept most of the day, but somewhere... Continue Reading →

So. June 21

The day rose, behaved well and the great ball of fire has set, getting ready to rise again, on June 22nd. 1050pm in India, 320AM in Sydney, life seems to be going on. Whatever calendar the mayans were using, that ship sailed a long time ago. Time to focus on the next best things for... Continue Reading →

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