The mornin after

The day looks gloomy but the agenda for the day is far from it. This is what is called the morning after where everything looks interesting with a gazillion questions in your head as to what happened last night. A Friday the way it should have been is what happened. There was a splitting headache... Continue Reading →


Its a Friday evening. Boy o Boy - it sure is. A bit on the lonely side, but then ive got two women who are keeping me busy. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, one is a 1.3L MJD, another is a 650cc petrol hogger. Motorhead is playing. And Lemmy's voice is definitely something to heed... Continue Reading →

Hey hello my blogspace

That line that says - out of sight is out of mind is true. I stopped writing for a short bit and then realised that I’ve stopped writing for a longtime. And just like that, we’re sitting close to mid of October. Where is time flying by? There are however so many things happening that... Continue Reading →

Mark Knopler

Over the years, I’ve grown up to a wide genre of music. From GnR to Imagine dragons, my horizon has been stretched countless times. There are times when I’ve liked the pulsating dik-chik of synthetic music as well. All that said and heard, the one thing that really brings me back to sanity is the... Continue Reading →


They exist. God works in mysterious ways. God's timing is never wrong. Ive clocked 39 years but this year my eyes have opened wide. Ive heard the message about living right and being blessed for a while now, but here I am with first hand experience. Miracles happen. God listens to prayers. Get on your... Continue Reading →

Saturday afternoon

Its a Saturday afternoon. Say what? It has been such a lame ass week that it doesn't feel like a Saturday afternoon. What the fuck happened? oh yeah, Covid-19. From season 1 to season 2, she's turned from bitch to whore mode who's collecting like never before. On one side it is sad to see... Continue Reading →

Grace, hope and smiles

It’s the year 2021 and everyone thought the worst was over and life would be back to normal. Turns out we were all wrong. Going by the latest trends, 2020 seemed much better. I’ve written this line so many times, but somehow it is very relevant even today - life as we know it has... Continue Reading →

Life is short

Its Friday evening, Alanis Morisette is screaming away, my first meal of the day is cooking and I cant help but write. All these days with such hectic schedules and dim scope of life, things seem so grey. The grim reaper is on a journey of a lifetime.. That motherfucker has never collected so many... Continue Reading →

Holy fuckamolly

Its been a grueling week. Lets just accept the fact that the week has been absolutely fucking ruthless. But in all of it, things seem good. Its not everyday that one's plate is overflowing and fucking staining every piece of clothing waist down. Given the circumstances, this is a good thing. Reminder to self -... Continue Reading →

Soul say

I should be sleeping, it is way past my bedtime. 33minutes past 00, Spotify is doing its thaang, grinding away and keeping the Fluid speakers thundering away. I know there are a lot of things in my head, things I want to write about. But given the climate and the fucking mosquitoes, I am not... Continue Reading →

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