Life…and my Roads !

Thoughts, memories, expressions….

Ride on..

Its been more than a year now that I have written anything on this space. Whatever I had written, I had pulled down and whatever I wanted to write didn’t find the time to type it out. Life, as I have known, has been moving faster than what I have ever experienced and many things have taken the backburner.

I still remember the roots of this blog.. How could i forget, I lost a job because of it.. Good times !! But looking at the bright side, it brought me here and I’m alive and kicking. It has been a phenomenal leap of faith from there to where I am now, and God’s grace has never let me down.

I changed the signature on my email today; Life… is a good ride. Feel it ! I learnt this from being a Mad-bull and I will always learn from it.

This blog also brought me so many friends. Strangers who I had never known ever are now good friends. Its been a brilliant space to share, express and to collaborate.

For all those who are wondering if I am writing.. I am ! A biker never stops riding, does he ?

This is me ! This will always be me !

Biker, Blogger, Believer, Bolero aficionado, Rhyme a dime, tourer, nature lover, Caamaan the always, jinbao banger, all time yakker, Biriyani lover, Madbull, 2 am inspiration fella, politically blind, spiritually bound, fack, i’m late, baanchod. WIP


2 thoughts on “Ride on..

  1. christine akka on said:

    Doinks! watcha doin? miss ya loads!! :)… soon! babaiiiiii!!! ❤

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll be looking forward to your posts.

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