Laziness !! And June

Not exactly the best topic to talk about on the first of the month, but I’m just so surprised at myself for being this lazy the last few days. I’m going to cry folly at the weather for draining all possible energy off my body and couple it with the long hours at work, so... Continue Reading →


Sadras, breakfast. Happy Sunday

It was a while that I hit the road. By a while, it was over 30 days. Totally unacceptable but given the weather and the bheja fry that came with it, I think it becomes acceptable.. unless one was riding at night . The nights were no better.. it was humid and sweaty and it... Continue Reading →

Want to ride

It’s the end of a long work week. I logged in my time sheet today and for the last 4 days, I have logged in 48 hours at work. With today’s timing, it would have crossed over 55 hours. Now that, is a lot ! Which means only one thing .. I need to get... Continue Reading →

The heat !!

Madras is hot during summer. It gets sweaty, it becomes uncomfortable and goes to the point of being unbearable .. but this time, we have stepped over the line. It is hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, humid, extremely sweaty and un-fuckin-believably uncomfortable!! Venturing out today was like being a walking sweat machine . Every step I took... Continue Reading →

The travel bug

It is that very infectious bug that affects most of us. A healthy way to see the sights and sounds around us and also experience a change in culture, cuisine and people. With the sun beating down on us without reprieve, it is but natural for the bug to stir your soul and want to... Continue Reading →

Three years

Its been a good ride.. 3 years of so much of fun, so much of life, so much of everything, so much of thanfullness and so much of God's grace. The first two years did not have so much of a effect, but today as I started my day, my thoughts went back to the... Continue Reading →

Tapping out of the iPhone X

This feels like a dream device. It’s an expensive device, but in the almost 1 week of usage, this feels super delux. It is bloody expensive, I won’t deny that, but i reckon it has everything a smartphone can ever need for the next 2-3 years. The good thing about #apple is that they think... Continue Reading →

Road trips

They have a magic in them.. a feeling of freedom, a joy of life and a emotional release of your stress and what not I’m on one and after the few hours on the saddle and a bit of food, life seems to be filled with joy and happiness Praise God for everything so far... Continue Reading →

Thank God for email

I cannot be happier that I am able to write again.. at least send emails out that go out as blog posts. It was becoming too cumbersome to login to the app and then key in with the small mobile keyboard. sometimes thoughts are so overwhelming that you really need a keyboard layout to type... Continue Reading →

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