Roads.. and their magic

Back when the Old Madras road was its beautiful two lane highway, there was a road sign that said - Roads bring people together. It was a landmark for us who rode to Bangalore where we would stop and click pictures. That sign got taken off thanks to road widening and what not. Back from... Continue Reading →

Sighrene- who ?

It started off as a normal thursday, chocoblocked at work with a kazillion calls. But as the sun went about its daily cycle of setting into the horizon, the evening just got very interesting. A quick call to the garage folks confirmed one thing - Irene was going to get her long long pending TLC... Continue Reading →


2 minutes to midnight ! It’s been a crazy day so far. Started off absolutely brilliant but as the sun came up, so did the calendar schedules. And boy they were packed !! A smiley start is always signs of a happy day and I had more than a smile today. Wish it was there... Continue Reading →

Surprises !

Sometimes the world revolves in ways that takes you by surprise. Sometimes the surprise just shakes your world. Being thankful for all that is happening, being hopeful for more to come, being cheerful through it all. Fun times are fun, until it’s only your footprints that you see. At that point, the feeling of missing... Continue Reading →

The 130AM ramble

It’s about 130 am.. tried to hit the sack after a rather long day but somehow that doesn’t seem to be happening. Might as well write, right ? The new earphones I picked up seem to be quite alright in my ear - these are the Sony xb400’s and they seem to be quite better... Continue Reading →

Summer is coming!

For someone who’s been in Madras for a while, we basically have 3 different weather types. Hot, hotter and hottest. 2020 was an exception thanks to covid19 where we actually had a 4th type - winter. Stepping out today and we haven’t crossed Jan yet, the mercury levels decided to go on a trip up... Continue Reading →

Cheers #21

It was an itch that first started in 2007. Err, went through my emails and realized this itch was in 2006. I was going through a phase at that time and wanted to be on the road.. like forever. But then I had to be happy with a ride to Kerala for Christmas and back... Continue Reading →


When Aragorn met the hobbits, he didn’t expect his life would change from the Lone Ranger to the King of Gondor. Such is destiny. Despite walking the other side, the pull of gravity towards solid rock is unbeatable and without compare. Such also is destiny. When there’s a homing beacon that was once buried in... Continue Reading →

The new year ride

After having the itch for 13 long years, I finally did it. Rode through good roads, bad roads, rain, sun and everything in between. Also got to cross the two places that have always evaded my radar in the 15 odd years of my motorcycle adventures More about all of it in a bit. Right... Continue Reading →

Here we go..2021

It’s a new day, it’s a new start, it’s a new year !! May you be blessed with the peace, joy and happiness of hope, love and togetherness. Cheers !!

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